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A Case Study on Brand Identity – Aam Aadmi Party’s success

The Aam aadmi Party has, via its recent win in Delhi,staged a spectacular debut on the Indian political scene. Ousting from power the ruling Congress Party and the three time Delhi Chief Minister , how did the AAP, a relatively new, under resourced and inexperienced player build itself and succeed as a “challenger brand?” What were the salient aspects of its strategy and how did they impact its success?

There were several factors that enabled  the AAM AADMI party’s tremendous success – factors that worked in tandem to provide a huge multiplier on audience impact and affinity build –up. The party’s messaging strategy, campaign management ( low budget/ high impact), disruptive innovations that challenged and disproved established order and norms all worked to built tremendous momentum and buzz. However, the central aspect that got the ball rolling for the party towards the passionate advocacy it evoked  and inspired, was the highly differentiated brand identity and symbolism it presented , one that resonated hugely with India’s urban populace, weary and frustrated with the ruling Congress Party. Read on to learn more…

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