The Leapfrog Difference

The Leapfrog Difference is the difference between generating great new ideas and generating new business. One does not automatically lead to the other.

Our whole-brain approach provides a powerful combination of rigorous analytics and imaginative insights. We power this approach with tools and frameworks that allow us to consistently bypass traditional thinking. Our increased intimacy with consumer behavior lead to superior consumer insights.

The Leapfrog Difference can be summed up quite simply

  • Clarity
  • Freshness
  • Action
  • Collaboration

We work with our clients to create clarity amongst the noise and chaos of the market. This requires a rare combination of rigor and imagination. Gathering data and effectively analyzing it are incredibly important. But insights are only gleaned by really listening to what the data is telling you.

A fresh approach leads in interesting directions and to surprising thoughts. This allows us to generate groundbreaking solutions.

Even so, great ideas rarely succeed when they’re come as if edicts from on high. So our work is collaborative. We stand by you, we work alongside you, and we provide perspectives that you can own – and that lead results.

Join us and see the Leapfrog Difference in action.

Leapfrog's work demonstrated their nuanced understanding of the Indian market and Indian consumer as well as their depth of knowledge of the innovation process. Their unique Innovation Lab was a key ingredient in the success of our project."
— Worldwide Director: Strategic Innovation and Growth Initiatives (for a New York-based US multinational)