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A Case Study on Brand Equity – Brand Architecture and Positioning for a leading credit card issuer

A leading credit card issuer wanted to target and own two emerging and profitable consumer segments. They were looking to define compelling propositions in order to own the identified segments as well as identify priority customer experience touch points and improvement opportunities required to deliver differentiated product and service opportunities for both the segments.

Using the Leapfrog Approach to Service Branding- a proprietary methodology and toolkit, we mapped out an insightful experience cycle for the credit card category and also the different consumer expectations through each of the aspects of the cycle. Then, via specially designed workshops and based on the nuanced understanding of the target segments and their desired experience, we helped the team arrive at a new brand positioning and a set of fresh, powerful , differentiated, service innovations to help deliver the intended positioning. The brand aligned service innovations would also serve to, in a mid-longer term build brand equity.

The process aligned and enthused cross-functional teams and department heads and transformed the project from a marketing initiative to a business building initiative.