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A Case Study on Brand Growth and Evolution – Brand Extension by a Leading Beverage Player

An established leader in the beverage category, our client wished to enter another product category assessed as having a high growth potential in India. Faced with significant consumer barriers to category growth, they needed to identify ways that could help ignite interest and re-consideration of the category and then define the most compelling positioning, imagery and value  proposition that could achieve sizable category and brand growth.

Given the nature of the challenge, we developed a multi pronged approach that would help reveal fresh opportunity spaces for a compelling proposition. We did an environment scan of new consumer trends that could reveal platform possibilities and latent consumer needs, we studied cases of successful brands that drove new product and category success as well as primary consumer research that helped map out category needs and occasions as well as uncover  different “product truths” of the category, because we understood that successful category creation needed  the proposition to be  anchored in a consumer relevant product truth and benefit.

The interrogation via multiple lenses helped us identify strong, potential white spaces , and value propositions for the client to consider. Honing in one potential positioning opportunity, with a clear category adoption trajectory in sight, alternative positioning concepts were created , for the client to take forward in consumer testing.