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A Case Study on Brand Repositioning – Breakthrough Repositioning For a Specialist Laundry Brand

The specialist brand was growing, but the challenge was to stimulate accelerated sales via consumer relevance building and regular usage (v/s infrequent use for special occasions/ clothes). The brand team wanted to arrive at exciting insights and positioning concepts which could create the needed relevance and give the brand a strong platform for growth.

Knowing that laundry, as a category, is a highly established one with all obvious/ overt territories already exploited by the salient players, a special approach was designed to help unearth new, unexplored laundry related needs. We needed to bring in fresh perspectives as a springboard for out of the box positioning thinking.

It was done in 2 stages: a) synthesizing existing research for fresh perspectives – which helped reveal new category and consumer perspectives.

New insight generation and positioning concepts via a specially designed creative workshop that was built around re-perceiving the category and the role of laundry in the consumer’s life.

The approach served as catalyst and helped the client embark upon a radically different direction from where they had begun. It helped them break category conventions – break away from classic laundry territory and imagery and see new opportunities and routes to relevance building