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Leapfrog Case Studies | Showcasing Brand Strategy and Market Entry Approaches

A Case Study on Brand Identity – Aam Aadmi Party’s success

The Aam aadmi Party has, via its recent win in Delhi,staged a spectacular debut on the Indian political scene. Ousting from power the ruling Congress Party and the three time Delhi Chief Minister , how did the AAP, a relatively new, under resourced and inexperienced player build itself and succeed as a “challenger brand?” What… more >

A Case Study on Brand Building – Customer Experience Redesign For a Financial Services Firm

Set on realizing ambitious growth targets within a fast crowding and highly competitive banking sector, our client wanted to build and leverage a highly differentiated and superior customer experience for equity building and competitive advantage. In addition, they also wanted to develop a customer credo, focused on customer interaction guidelines to ensure delivery of the… more >

Leapfrog Case Study on Brand Strategy | US Market Entry Approach for one of India’s Leading Diamond Exporters

One of India’s largest diamond jewelery exporter wished to develop a US Market Entry approach for a completely new line of diamond jewelery. They needed to assess the US market’s readiness for this jewelery line as well develop a competitive Entry Approach. The first step involved Mapping the market, via an understanding of the market… more >

A Case Study on Entry Strategies for India – New Brand Development For a Leading Spanish Beer Entering India

Having finalized on a JV partner for the India entry, our client was looking to develop the new brand Positioning, Identity as well as Creative design for key mix elements. We followed a 3-stage development approach – seamlessly integrated so as to evolve a single, breakthrough solution for the client. Insight : Understanding the Beer… more >

A Case Study on Brand Repositioning – Re-Entry Strategy For a Personal Grooming Brand

The brand had been launched in India for about 9 months with limited success. In order to help power up sales, the brand team felt it was necessary to re-visit its growth strategy and re-define the key elements of brand positioning, brand essence and the identity. Getting to a differentiated and unique positioning for a… more >

A Case Study on Brand Growth and Evolution – Brand Extension by a Leading Beverage Player

An established leader in the beverage category, our client wished to enter another product category assessed as having a high growth potential in India. Faced with significant consumer barriers to category growth, they needed to identify ways that could help ignite interest and re-consideration of the category and then define the most compelling positioning, imagery… more >

Leapfrog Case Study on Branding Strategies | White Space Identification For a Personal Care Brand

A leading FMCG company was looking to identify an opportunity to successfully compete in a highly crowded, over claimed and advertised category. They needed to identify potential ‘white spaces’ into which they could launch perceptibly different products with a strong positioning. Taking a non traditional approach to the issue, we used the Jobs-to-do methodology to… more >

A Case Study on New Product Development – Disruptive Product Innovation For a Leading Packaged Goods Player

A large packaged goods multinational company with leadership position in their core categories were looking to identify breakthrough, next generation product that would help consolidate their leadership position over the next 3-5 years. The project was initiated and led by the Global innovation unit at the company’s US headquarters and required Leapfrog to develop and… more >

A Case Study on Design Semiotics – Creating a New Brand Language For an Established Brand

A 100 year old corporate brand needed to reinvent itself for the new millennium and the new generation of consumers.  It had a specific brand promise and a new logo as carriers of the revamped brand.  The challenge was to “own” the new brand promise in consumers’ minds with new symbolic codes and signifiers embedded… more >

A Case Study on Brand Strategy & Identity – Uncovering Hidden Codes of Contemporary Masculinity for Men’s Apparel

One of the key challenges identified for the brand was to enhance it’s connect with the metro youth audience. We decided to carry out a Semiotic Study of Contemporary Masculinity to identify forward looking cultural insights that the brand could leverage in communication. In this study, we merged the cultural and communication insights from Semiotics… more >