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Leapfrog Email Newsletter – June 2014

Should we enter India with a JV partner, via an acquisition or go it alone? In this issue of Leapfrog’s Newsletter, we address the biggest question most companies actively considering an India (or new market) entry grapple with. It is a crucial question and getting it right can make or mar a company’s future in any… more >

Leapfrog Email Newsletter – February 2014

In this issue, we turn our attention to the subject of global companies and brands entering India. Winning in India continues to be a formidable challenge, even for the smartest and most successful global marketers. It’s a high stakes game that requires careful planning, a strong commitment and the willingness to do things ”differently”. What… more >

Leapfrog Email Newsletter – December 2013

Entering emerging markets, particularly a complex one like India can seem challenging and the initial investigation and planning even more so.  In this, the first of our newsletter series on “Successful India market entry”, we present insights and practical tips on a couple of the common minefields in the entry process. Click here to download the December… more >