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A Case Study on Brand Building – Customer Experience Redesign For a Financial Services Firm

Set on realizing ambitious growth targets within a fast crowding and highly competitive banking sector, our client wanted to build and leverage a highly differentiated and superior customer experience for equity building and competitive advantage. In addition, they also wanted to develop a customer credo, focused on customer interaction guidelines to ensure delivery of the customer experience to build the brand.

Using the Leapfrog proprietary Customer experience Toolkit:

a) We first developed an inspiring and differentiated (v/s competition) experience vision. Its definitions across the different service dimensions reflected the elements that would be central to on ground delivery and the key aspects that would guide customer interaction.

b) Via specially designed workshops involving multi functional teams, the differentiating elements were translated into specific desired behaviors in customer interaction. A set of marker initiatives (highly creative, stand out ideas – that would help underline the differentiated experience and help drive customer perception of the experience) were also designed. The combined effect of the marker initiatives as well as customer interaction guidelines would then work together to impactfully deliver the desired customer experience.