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A Case Study on Cultural Semiotics – Finding Fresh Angles Into India’s Youth Culture

Given India’s demographics, youth culture and youth insights are a year-round search for almost all major brands in India – all vying for the attention of this promising segment. This is, therefore  a heavily ‘researched’ area via conventional qualitative research and creative qualitative research.

Recognising that most companies employ similar approaches to insight generation and the “sameness “ therefore in resultant insights, we used  a new cutting edge analysis methodology of Cultural Semiotics to help go beyond the obvious and stated in needs and aspirations.

The methodology is different from conventional research methods in that it investigates the culture around the TG  and the cultural messages being beamed to them ( as opposed to asking the consumer to express how she feels/ thinks and what she needs and desires) to decode what norms are being established in society and how they are shaping the TG’s attitudes and aspirations.

Using this specialist skill and by  looking differently at the materials of popular culture, we successfully identified fresh insights into youth culture for various brands, to develop into positioning and communication.