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A Case Study on Brand Architecture – Future-Ready Brand Portfolio and Architecture For Apparel Brand

The brand leader in men’s fabric and apparel, with multiple brands catering to different product-price segments of the market, needed to rationalize its portfolio to drive value creation. The key challenge was to keep a future perspective while deciding which brands in the portfolio would drive future growth and profitability and therefore proposing a new brand positioning and architecture.

The project approach was unconventional, applying new age tools and thinking to an otherwise classic and age old marketing dilemma.

The approach involved  : a) understanding existing consumer needs and brand perceptions through a Needs segmentation study and b) identification of possible future  territories via Semiotic analysis. The semiotic analysis provided an outside in view of the consumer and gave  a very concrete sense of shifting consumer preferences and emerging needs. The future directions were mapped onto the Needscope findings to arrive at a desired future positioning space for the required portfolio brands, after which we identified the brands that should target the future market..

Thus we recast the entire portfolio brand architecture – complete with proposed positioning and identity for the same.