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An Article on Brand Strategies – Growth Champions Tata & Airtel

A chapter on Tata & Airtel as Growth Champions, featured in the recently published book, Growth Champions by Innovation Guru Dr. Tim Jones.

Today a good proportion of the world’s disruptive innovation is coming from  emerging markets where many companies are focused on exploiting the opportunities in high – growth markets and applying what has become termed as ‘frugal,’ ‘reverse,’ or ‘cost’ innovation – redesigning products and processes to eliminate up to 80% of costs and so provide for the masses at the bottom of the pyramid – but that also work very well for those at the top.

Strong brands Tata and Bharati Airtel,  are two such examples . They have re-engineered the business model in their sector at home and in different ways created highly efficient low cost growth engines that can match the best the world has to offer. With the frugal innovation mindset at  the fore, they have focused not just on efficiency, but also by consciously developing the capacity to win in the long term.

They are growth champions. But why? How have they grown and what have they done to establish themselves as high growth enterprises not just at home but internationally too?

Growth Champions Tata & Airtel (PDF)