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An Article on Brand Repositioning – Insight Mining For a New Contraceptive

After a successful launch, a brand of emergency contraceptive was staring at flat sales and almost negligible growth. The client was looking for a brand repositioning and the creative agency needed to find a fresh, powerful insight on the basis of which the brand could be repositioned and re-ignite brand  growth. The task was particularly challenging, given the sensitivity of the subject, and the fact therefore, that conventional research would not be very helpful in understanding real concerns and motivations in this category.

The challenges for brands in uncovering powerful insights is well known. Insight mining approaches vary widely in design and tend to rely on the human factor (skill and experience of the researcher) more than anything else. This is why it remains a hit or miss affair with more misses than hits…

Recognizing this, Leapfrog have developed a unique way of “ insighting,” one that not only allows for a close understanding of the consumer ( irrespective of sensitivity issues) but also enables a “pull back “ as if to see the consumer with a fresh pair of eyes. This process helps to see what others do but think something different – the essence of insight mining.

Using this unique way of “insighting,” we were able to explore beneath the surface and unearth powerful consumer motivations and root causes that drive behaviour in this category. Through the exercise we identified an insight that helped reposition the brand in a very relevant and compelling way. The creative campaign developed from this understanding helped drive an 80% increase in brand sales.