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Leapfrog Strategy Consulting on Brand Equity – IPL and the Spot Fixing Scandal: How will the Brand be Impacted?

Many pundits have weighed in on this question – some have taken a pricing view of the brand and said that sponsors and advertisers won’t pull out because of the scandal and the investigation.  So the brand is safe.  Others have said its image and brand equity may be a bit tarnished but hey, this is India and life goes on – IPL is now ‘too big to fail.’

A critical semiotic analysis of the IPL-cricket brand identity and its implicit code of engagement with its audience/consumers throws up interesting answers to these questions.  From the mass Indian audience and fan’s point of view, what is IPL-cricket?  Is it a sport, a game viz cricket?  Or is IPL-cricket, cricket really?

If it is cricket-ainment, then does it belong with other forms of televised entertainment and thus, virtual realities?  Or as a hybrid – that is a mix of both sport and entertainment – like cross-cultural marriages, fusion food and fusion music, does it have its own rules that it should be evaluated against?

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