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What is the Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research?

Research is the most broadly used tool to increase and review the supply of knowledge about something and somebody. In the field of marketing, advertising, business, psychology, sociology, science and technology, economics, and so on there are two standard methods of conducting research, i.e. qualitative research or quantitative research. While the qualitative research depends on verbal narrative like spoken or written information, the quantitative research utilizes logical or factual observations to make conclusions.

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What is Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is one which gives bits of knowledge and comprehension of the problem setting. It is an unstructured, exploratory research technique that reviews exceptionally complex phenomena that are difficult to clarify with the quantitative research despite the fact that it produces ideas or hypothesis for later quantitative research. Qualitative research is used to focus in-depth comprehension of human conduct, understanding, mentality, goals, and motivations, based on perception and observation, to discover the manner in which individuals think and feel. It is a form of research where the researcher gives more weight to the perspectives of the participants. Case study, grounded hypothesis, ethnography, historical and phenomenology are the kinds of qualitative research.

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What is Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is a type of research that depends on the methods of natural sciences, which produces numerical data and hard facts. It targets setting up circumstances and logical results connection between two factors by using numerical, computational and factual techniques. The research is otherwise called empirical research as it tends to be precisely and definitely measured.? The information gathered by the researcher can be divided into classifications or put into rank, or it measured in terms of units of estimation. Diagrams and tables of raw information can be developed with the help quantitative research, making it simpler for the researcher to break down the outcomes.

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Qualitative Research Vs Quantitative Research

Basis Qualitative Research Quantitative Research
Nature Holistic Particularistic
Approach Subjective Objective
Objective To dig, explore, and discover the ideas generated during the course of the research. Understand and analyse the cause and effect relationship between the variables.
Data Verbal Measurable
Elements Words, Graphics, and Objects Numerical Data
Inquiry Process Oriented Result Oriented
Method Non-structured techniques that incorporated in-depth case studies, interviews, group discussions, and so on. Structured techniques that incorporate surveys, questionnaires, and observations.
Result Develops an analytical understanding Offers call-to-action

An ideal research is one, which is directed by considering both the methods, together. Despite the fact that there are some specific regions which require, just one sort of research which primarily relies upon the data required by the researcher. While qualitative research will in general be interpretative, quantitative research is concrete.