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A Case Study on Brand Repositioning – Re-Entry Strategy For a Personal Grooming Brand

The brand had been launched in India for about 9 months with limited success. In order to help power up sales, the brand team felt it was necessary to re-visit its growth strategy and re-define the key elements of brand positioning, brand essence and the identity.

Getting to a differentiated and unique positioning for a personal grooming brand is very challenging in India, not just because of the competitive nature of the market, but also because of the targeted segment – youth – a target for a plethora of other brands.

We applied new age tools and out of the box thinking to help go beyond the obvious territories. We opted to take an outside in view of the target group and need areas by identifying trends in youth culture.  This provided fresh, emerging emotional territories and positioning insights. Using a workshop format to guide strategic thinking, all the input material (youth culture trends, category & consumer understanding, category positioning map etc) was utilized to come up with a robust growth strategy and strategic direction for the brand.

Working in an integrated manner with the Client across locations – US and India as well as their ad agency, we were able to help ensure that the strategy was translated into an exciting and sales generating creative.