Cultural Semiotics and Your Brand’s Positioning

You know you have to keep an eye on the market for new competitors and existing products making improvements, but it’s every bit as important to keep pace with ever-changing cultural norms.

Using cultural semiotics, Leapfrog maps a category’s cultural territory and helps you understand your brand’s place within that territory. With an understanding of that territory, we can track your brand’s positioning and monitor dominant and emergent trends in cultural codes. We can monitor conflicting ideas and the cultural cross-currents that will affect your brand’s relevance.

Typical areas of inquiry include the changing culture of masculinity, progressive femininity, youth culture, luxury, celebrations, and automotive attitudes to name a few.

Cultural semiotics is a key element in developing positioning strategy and communications plans. Without it, you’re only seeing half the picture.

Leapfrog's work and contribution was truly top class. The tools that they brought to the project, the research that they recommended/ utilized and the conclusions that were drawn for Raymond to take the decisions were sharp, incisive and a huge value-add to the project. I found the Leapfrog team committed, competent and truly passionate about the work they were doing."
— Deepak Khetrapal - CEO, Jumbo Electronics, Dubai