Design Semiotics and Creating Equity in Your Brand

Design defines your brand more immediately and viscerally than verbal communications. Design appeals to consumers at an instinctive and emotional level. Your brand story will always be stronger with a well-crafted visual design to support it.

Design semiotics enables your brand to create a distinctive personality for itself by creating signs and signifiers that draw on your brand’s intangibles – its palette of promises, values, heritage and emotion.

By creating guidelines that steer your product and graphic design teams toward creating products, packaging and communications graphics that align with the brands’ strengths and meaning, we help you draw your target audience to your products.

Leapfrog's work and contribution was truly top class. The tools that they brought to the project, the research that they recommended/ utilized and the conclusions that were drawn for Raymond to take the decisions were sharp, incisive and a huge value-add to the project. I found the Leapfrog team committed, competent and truly passionate about the work they were doing."
— Deepak Khetrapal - CEO, Jumbo Electronics, Dubai