Developing Brand Equity

Coca Cola’s multi-billion dollar market capitalization isn’t a reflection of its secret recipe for carbonated sugar water, or even its iconic bottle shape. The company??™s value is in its brand.

Building a strong brand is central to growing and sustaining your business. And while few of us can aim to build a brand as recognizable as Coke’s, we still face the same challenges.

Market noise increases daily. Consumers face marketing messages nearly 24/7 – and have more power than ever before to opt out of the clutter. Being heard has never been harder. But it can be done.

Leapfrog’s experience in brand building and our deep understanding of brand equity can help you build your brand from scratch or unlock the untapped potential trapped inside your brand right now.

Growth is the goal. Creating differentiation, coherence, consistency and charisma from the chaos of the market is how growth happens.