Brand Architecture – Creating Your Brand’s Identity

Too often, the pursuit of growth leads to a proliferation of brands and tangled, poorly defined relationships amongst the brands in a portfolio. The growth you seek is then stunted by the confusion you??™ve created in your consumers??™ minds.

The challenge in creating a strong brand architecture is identifying the core values beneath your brand overall and defining the key characteristics of individual product brands.

Leapfrog??™s experience in brand-equity studies, decoding of brands and understanding the evolving consumer/market dynamics allow us to create a family of brand personalities that complement one another and strengthen your position with your audience. It also helps us develop the optimal portfolio of brands for your business.

The Leapfrog partners have a strong understanding of the consumer, of the market place and the internal dynamics of organizations & teams. They bring on board an unmatched passion. They are extremely responsive to feedback which allows them to course-correct and build on the strengths of the client team. They also stretch themselves to add a delight factor in their workshops, presentations and meetings. The outcome - superior quality strategic work, which both teams are proud of."
— Manisha LathGupta - Chief Marketing Officer - Axis Bank