Brand Identity – Building Your Brand

Your brand must differentiate you from your competitors. Your brand must be memorable. Most importantly, your brand must deliver your brand promise and resonate with your target market.

A clever name, catchy tagline and lively logo aren’t enough. Strong markers like these are the bare minimum required to establish a brand. Your message must build upon that to define who you are and what you stand for. It must provide your consumers a way to connect with your values and principles, your personality and promise.

Accomplishing this requires outside-in thinking, concentrating first on the core values that define your brand, the key negative spaces that define what your brand is not, and your differentiation. Only then do we develop the visual markers that are evocative enough emotionally to create a strong connection with your consumers.

The Leapfrog partners have a strong understanding of the consumer, of the market place and the internal dynamics of organizations & teams. They bring on board an unmatched passion. They are extremely responsive to feedback which allows them to course-correct and build on the strengths of the client team. They also stretch themselves to add a delight factor in their workshops, presentations and meetings. The outcome - superior quality strategic work, which both teams are proud of."

— Manisha LathGupta - Chief Marketing Officer - Axis Bank