Brand (Re) Positioning and Your Brand’s Equity

The boundaries between markets and categories have broken down in ways a previous generation of marketers would never recognize. Computer manufacturers sell phones, car manufacturers profit from their financing divisions, magazine publishers launch cable TV channels.

Consumers no longer fit neatly into boxes, either, and brands must re-orient themselves to remain competitive within these new market dynamics.

Leapfrog??™s focus on new starting points and new perspectives lead us to new points of consumer connection and true differentiation.

Our proprietary Insight Mining methods enable us to consistently generate insights into the category and consumer attitudes.

We also use our own framework for establishing value and determining where in a particular category the value is and how it can be accessed.

These tools help us gain deep understanding of your brand, your market, and your audience to explore the brand landscape and provide insightful and innovative positioning for your brand.

The Leapfrog partners have a strong understanding of the consumer, of the market place and the internal dynamics of organizations & teams. They bring on board an unmatched passion. They are extremely responsive to feedback which allows them to course-correct and build on the strengths of the client team. They also stretch themselves to add a delight factor in their workshops, presentations and meetings. The outcome - superior quality strategic work, which both teams are proud of."

— Manisha LathGupta - Chief Marketing Officer - Axis Bank