Brand-Aligned Service Differentiators: Developing Your Brand’s Equity

To achieve the kind of differentiation for your service brand that creates value, you must

  1. Truly differentiate. Incremental differences won’t stand out in your customers’ minds. (And won’t last long as your competitors react.)
  2. Walk the walk. If the differentiators you claim aren’t experienced by the customer, they’re not differentiators. They’re broken promises.

To achieve the level of differentiation that creates stakeholder value and protects your brand, you must connect the dots. The brand story you tell has to be delivered to your audience at every touch point and in every interaction. Anything less and your critics will not be shy about taking their story to their social network of choice, which amplifies their opinion.

Leapfrog’s suite of tools and services focused on brand-aligned service differentiation is called “The Service Leap.” The Service Leap is designed to help brands manage the transition from good customer service to fully differentiated service that strengthens your brand and adds value to your company.

The Service Leap includes scorecards, positioning tools and other tools and services to enable the transition. You can read more about The Service Leap here.

What has been most satisfying for me is that for the first time we have really come together as a team and really worked well together on a different level."
— Regional Brand Head with a leading advertising agency