The Service Leap: Leapfrog Strategy Consulting’s Customer Service Tool

A generic customer experience, even if it is a great customer experience, will not build a powerful service brand. A strong service brand requires a customer experience built on and defined by the brand promise and brand values.

Leapfrog’s The Service Leap is a package of tools and services designed to move your customer service experience from good to great, from generic to differentiated. It includes

The Service Leap Scorecard – a simple scorecard that measures your branding and practices as they relate to the customer experience. Grades are given at one of four levels (Beginner, Competent, Accomplished, Champion), and a roadmap is created for moving up the ladder to Champion as we help you address gaps and problem areas.

The Service Leap Positioning Tool – An integrated tool that combines evaluation of brand promise, personality and values as well as the clarity of your experiential concept and strength of your supporting differentiation. The tool provides an easily grasped metric that, at a glance, enables marketing and operating teams to align development and communication efforts with the critical differentiators for the brand. It is specifically designed to help you bridge the gap between emotive advertising promises and the actual service delivered to the customer.

The Service Leap Customer Service Credo – Expectations for employee behavior must be high and must be consistently met. They also must align with the brand message. The Credo is draw up after studying customer expectations and pain points, as well as customer journeys for the moments of truth when key brand impressions are formed. Guideliness are developed that include example of previously difficult situations with appropriate interactions and attitudes for all employees.

The Service Leap Brand Signifiers – We study the customer experience of the brand through the multiple customer journeys and touch points. Semiotic signals as well as innovative initiatives based upon the brand positioning are developed so that the brand as the customer experiences it matchces the brand values at all levels and interaction points.

What has been most satisfying for me is that for the first time we have really come together as a team and really worked well together on a different level."
— Regional Brand Head with a leading advertising agency