US Market Entry Strategy: A Service of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting

Breaking into any new market is a daunting task for multinationals and entrepreneurs alike. Breaking into the US market, in all its overwhelming abundance, is even more daunting.

And it’s not just the market that is different, or even the culture, but the legal environment and regulatory requirements, as well. The cost of market entry is so high that you must be properly positioned from day 1 in order to achieve a desireable ROI.

Leapfrog’s experience in both the US and Indian market is a key component to our success. As importantly, having senior personnel in both markets is an important part of our approach.

Leapfrog helps firms at two stages of US market entry planning and execution:

Market Exploration

For firms exploring the opportunities that the US market presents, we provide assistance with opportunity assessment and developing entry strategy options. We help you identify the “white spaces” that are open or under-served and where you can quickly gain a competitive advantage.

Strategy Development

For firms who have moved beyond market exploration and are ready to fully develop and execute their market entry strategy, Leapfrog creates a fresh marketing mix based on the US market, the competitive landscape, and your goals.

Our in-depth understanding your home market realities as well as the realities of the US market give us the building blocks to translate the strength of your existing brand to fit the cultural expectations of your new target audience.


Leapfrog played a pivotal role in our India entry brand strategy for our personal care brand. They seamlessly integrated themselves with our marketing team and our advertising partner, providing us with meaningful insights about the youth in India and how to achieve our business objectives. They are not afraid to ask the tough questions and their ongoing interest in the health of our brand's growth is much appreciated."
— Vidya Vepuri - Founder - Zodhita Health Solutions - Pennsylvania