Category Evolution: Market Dynamics and Brand Growth

The more things change … As tired a cliché as that may be, the almost impossible rate of change means that even successful brands are at risk. Innovation isn’t a “nice to have” afterthought or a way to pursue growth. It’s a must-have for brands seeking to leverage their positions and create enduring business strength.

As consumers grow more comfortable with brands extending across previously narrowly-defined categories, opportunities abound for marketers to stake out new territory. Starbucks adds juices, Target adds designer homewares, Porsche builds an SUV.

How do brands successfully bridge the divide across categories without mistakenly moving in the wrong direction – or even moving too far in the right direction? Leapfrog’s approach places consumer learning at the heart of the innovation process. We focus on consumer attitudes and lifestyle with a mix of rigorous research and insightful imagination to explore category options and identify opportunities and pitfalls. We develop scenarios that illustrate product trajectories and the effect of disruptive entries to create a short list of promising possibilities for extending your brand.


The Leapfrog approach to strategy is very progressive and flexible ... the Leapfrog team's contribution to our project was tremendous."
— VP and Head of multi-company management team