Culture is the?hidden influencer and taken-for-granted element, in the multi-dimensional puzzle that is consumer behaviour. The truth is that, before people turn into consumers, they are members of their culture. From the standpoint of consumer behaviour, culture is about continuous learning, un-learning and re-learning,?to support new behaviours and practices. Culture provides the?backdrop?for consumer story telling.

Our view is that?cultural decoding?is an equally critical piece of the?foundational understanding for strategy, as are the relevant facts and figures with respect to the market. Just as syndicated reports of quantitative data are a familiar and useful resource for marketing and insights teams, so also a syndicated study and report for cultural insight.

Therefore,?this syndicated study and report?presents a?comprehensive, semiotic decoding of how Safety is being rewired?in the collective consciousness due to the Covid Pandemic. The?cultural insights?in this report can help marketers with?developing positioning, communication and growth strategies?for their brands.


In-depth decoding of cultural texts ? images, advertising, packaging, news reports, social media posts, using the tools and frameworks of applied semiotics.

The Leapfrog team has spent 300+ hours decoding the 100+ texts that we had selected out of a much larger scan of content.

Benefits of this Study:

  1. A well-rounded and complete understanding of how Safety and Protection as concepts in culture are getting rewired due to the Pandemic.
  2. Fresh insights that go beyond the obvious and familiar that traditional qual and quant research provide.
  3. From this understanding, marketing teams can derive:
    a. Inspiration for campaign development for brands in the hygiene and safety space
    b. Insight into the subtleties and nuances that make safety communication effective or not.
    c. Ways to integrate safety/protection with other values and benefits that consumers want.
    d. Ways to evolve brand purpose to align with changing cultural codes and values of safety/protection


Rs. 1,15,000/- + GST

For less than the price of 3 focus groups, the report will provide deep and wide insights of the kind that consumers can never articulate but does influence their thinking and their behaviour.


Have a look at a sample of the report content here

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