The Reshaping of Indian Minds

PRESENTING ‘The Reshaping of Indian Minds’. A series of Semiotics driven reports that will examine how the Covid-19 pandemic is creating new meanings by transforming Indian mindsets and behavioural patterns.

Masks, Protection & Social Hygiene – An update nine weeks later

In the follow up to our first report, we trace how masks have developed in India since the pandemic began, and how these developments compare with the category forecasts we made back in April.

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Citizens, Consumers & Brands

Recently realised civic responsibilities have altered consumption behaviours. Should your brand then be approaching its audience as citizens, consumers or a mix of both?

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Masks, Protection & Social Hygiene

The new hygiene practises are beginning to inculcate a vastly different sense of surrounding in consumers. Explore how your brand should be adjusting to this cultural reorganisation.

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Leapfrog's work demonstrated their nuanced understanding of the Indian market and Indian consumer as well as their depth of knowledge of the innovation process. Their unique Innovation Lab was a key ingredient in the success of our project."

— Worldwide Director: Strategic Innovation and Growth Initiatives (for a New York-based US multinational)