Content X Culture

We offer a point of view on the intersection of content and culture. Written as a weekly article for the BuzzinContent platform, our articles explore how branded content contributes to culture and draws from it, in reshaping the consumers’ mind space.

If you work in content marketing or are considering investing in branded content, as a marketer, our articles will inform, inspire and guide you in your effort. They will help you avoid obvious pitfalls and indicate the benchmarks to reach for.

How can ‘Naturals Brands' tell new stories about nature?

Hamsini Shivakumar and Kanika Yadav of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, give out pointers for a new and more creative ways of storytelling nature

Addressing small town audiences - The Hindi heartland as an imagined space

Hamsini Shivakumar and Kanika Yadav of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, write about how how are brands treading the road to the Hindi heartland which has been paved very well until now by cinema

Can Indian advertising move away from women as stereotypes?

Hamsini Shivakumar and Kanika Yadav of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, write about the stereotyping of women, the token equality in the Indian advertising industry

Matching cultural discourse and culture codes with social attitudes

Hamsini Shivakumar and Kanika Yadav of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, write that the space of “equal partner families” is ripe for more and more interesting narratives on ‘new-age dads' and ‘equal partner parenting'. The brands that still feature ‘hands-off' dads in their ads could soon begin to look ‘outdated' or ‘too traditional'/‘orthodox' in their manifest values

Branded content lessons for travel and tourism brands from Kerala Tourism

In today's Content & Culture article, Founder Hamsini Shivakumar and her colleague Kanika Yadav from Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, write that taking inspiration from Kerala Tourism's branded content, brands can maximise their messaging via exploring ordinary symbols associated with a place or product. For example, tales, myths, songs originating from the landscape itself can be employed to create an authentic aura that is both ordinary and exotic at once

How Indian brands are repurposing ‘beauty' as a code in branding and marketing

Hamsini Shivakumar and Kanika Yadav of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting analyse pieces of branded content from Kay Beauty, Nykaa, Mamaearth among others to find out the latest symbols associated with beauty

How brands are codifying the new-age dad through branded content

Through content, brands are trying to undo the definitions of parenthood set by advertising, which have been largely focussed on the mother-child unit, and expand its understanding to something more gender-neutral, writes Hamsini Shivakumar, Founder, Leapfrog Strategy Consulting

How brands are manifesting Indianness in their content to strike an emotional, positive note with consumers

At a time most brands across the globe are theming their content around hope and positivity, only being able to resonate with the consumers' cultural background can help them stand out in the clutter, writes the Founder of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting

How should brands include children in branded content?

To help answer this question, Shivakumar, Founder, Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, has studied four examples of branded communication – two with child influencers and two storytelling-driven pieces featuring kids