Leapfrog Services

The world is waking up to its neighbors. Whether right next door or halfway around the globe, international markets present vast potential opportunities.

Those opportunities aren’t just for the largest of international conglomerates any more. Small and mid-size business – even solopreneurs – can tap into the potential of new markets.

But few can do it alone. Without solid knowledge of the market as a whole and the tools and training to understand competitive and consumer landscape that a brand must fit into, you are destined to fail. Or worse, survive but not thrive.

Leapfrog offers strategies, planning and execution management for understanding and entering new markets. Our expertise includes tools for

  • Leveraging existing brand equity
  • Strengthening your brand within a new or existing market’s culture
  • Positioning your brand for growth
  • Entering new markets
  • Achieving a superior brand-led customer experience

Leapfrog Consulting have been outstanding partners for Godrej. What sets them apart is not just their experience or capabilities (though they have dollops!): it's their attitude of being centric to their clients' customers, restlessness to break new ground, flexibility and humility and above all, familiarity with a rich array of diverse domains."

— Ashutosh Tiwari - Brand Director, Godrej Group