A Go-To Space to learn about Semiotics and its applications in an easy way

We have often been asked to provide a reading list, a curated video list and more generally, a way for those fascinated by Semiotics to navigate their way to learning more about the subject.  Some marketers are interested in learning more about the marketing applications of Semiotics.

Self-guided learning via google can be confusing as it is a more unstructured form of learning.  Some of the references thrown up may be irrelevant, too academic or just hard to follow. 

Therefore, in this section, we have provided those curious to learn more about applied semiotics with a wide range of material.

Explained:  Explained is a series of articles that explore many topics in some depth, clarifying common confusions and doubts. Topics discussed include colour semiotics, cultural misalignment and many more.

Video Guides:  Some folks learn by best reading and others by watching videos.  We have put together a curated set of videos through which a learner can get exposed to concepts and applications of semiotics.

Book List:  Books are always a good place to start for acquiring knowledge.  We have put together a curated set of books, grouped by theme and meant for beginners as well as advanced learners.  There are plenty of choices to put together a personal favourites list.

Articles & Essays:  For people who want a quicker read and are impatient to get to applications in marketing, these are curated articles written by practitioners and users of applied semiotics from various parts of the world.

We will be regularly adding material to the Learning Centre which we have intended to be a dynamic space.  So regular visits here could easily add to your knowledge of theoretical and applied semiotics.